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YSR Pension Kanuka List [cyear] at sspensions: Search Online Beneficiary List and Status: YSR Pension Kanuka, which is initiated with the thought to provide financial support for the Andhra Pradesh people. This scheme is completely utilized for the wealth and progress of both economically and communally backward citizens. This is the social wellbeing scheme to revolutionize the adversities of the poor and helpless sectors of the society especially the aged and sick, widows, and disabled persons to gain a proper livelihood. 

Before you apply for this sspensions YSR pension kanuka, you should know all its benefits, eligibility criteria, how beneficiaries are chosen, and what is the procedure followed by this scheme. Through our govtjobsclub the website, you can gain all the detailed, related information and all other details regarding the YSR pension kanuka scheme.

List of Beneficiaries covered under YSR Pension Kanuka

AP Government has been offering nearly twelve kinds of pension services under various categories. The list of pensions that are covered are as below:

  • Disabled
  •  ART
  •  Transgender
  • Old aged
  •  Fisherman
  • Traditional cobblers
  • Single women
  •  Widow
  •   Weavers
  •   CKDU (Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Aetiology)
  • Toddy toppers
  •   Dappu artists

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Eligibility Criteria to avail YSR pension

The below stated eligibility conditions are applicable for all kinds of pensions

  1.   The proposed beneficiary must be from the BPL (Below Poverty Line) family having a white ration card
  2.  People who need to get benefits from this scheme has to be local resident of the state iii. People who are enrolled in other sspension schemes will not get covered under sspensions YSR Pension

Incentive amount and age criteria in YSR pension

For different beneficiaries, different ranges of incentives are being provided by the AP Government. Here is the list which shows the age criteria and incentive amount that the state government provides.

  • Old age – People who are above 60 years of age either male or female will receive an incentive of Rs. 2250.
  • Disabled – Persons who have 40 percent of disability conditions will receive pension amounts of Rs. 3000 and there is no specific age limit.
  • Widow – According to the marriage act, a pension amount of Rs. 2250 will be received from the AP Government.
  • ART – There is no specific age limit, artists who are in 6 months uninterrupted treatment on ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy) will receive RS.2250.
  • Weavers – Either 50 or above 50 years of people in the weaving domain will avail an incentive amount of RS. 2250.
  • CKDU – Patients who are in the treatment of continuous kidney dialysis will receive Rs.10000 and this scheme allows all aged people.
  • Transgender – Transgenders who are above age 18 will get an amount of Rs. 3000
  • Traditional cobblers – Either 40 or above 40 years of people in the cobbler section will avail an incentive amount of RS. 2250.
  • Fisherman – Either 50 or above 50 years of people who are going with fisherman duties will avail an incentive amount of RS. 2250.
  • Toddy toppers – People who are in the list of TCS (Toddy Co-operative societies) and TFT (Tree for Tappers) having the age of 50 or >50 as of by 1/02/2009 will get Rs. 2250.
  • Dappu Artists – Either 50 or above 50 years of people who are dapper artists will avail of an incentive amount of RS. 3000.
  • Single Women – Separated and deserted women either married or unmarried will receive an amount of Rs. 2250.
  • The age limit for married women is 35 years (> or =) and the age limit for unmarried is > or = 30 years (> or =)  in rural locations and 35 years (> or =)  in urban locations.

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Process To Search YSR Pension Kanuka Status

Candidates who would like to know the status of their application can check in the official website and the procedure is

  1.       Open the official website of the YSR pension scheme 
  2.       Scroll over to the “Search” tab on the Home page.
  3.       The “Home/Search” page displays two options “Pension ID” and “Grievance ID”.
  4.       Click the “Pension ID” and it displays few fields. Enter the information in all the mandatory fields and click “Go”.
  5.       When the entered information is correct, a page is displayed with the application status.

Check YSR Pension Beneficiary List Procedure

To know the beneficiary list, people can follow this procedure

  1.       Open the official website of https://sspensions.ap.gov.in the YSR pension scheme
  2.       Scroll over to the “Reports” tab on the Home page. People can look at the list either in “Scheme Wise Analysis” or “Area Wise Analysis”.
  •  To view the Scheme wise beneficiaries list:
  1.       Select “Scheme Wise Analysis” from the “Reports” tab.
  2.       Select District, Mandal, Panchayat, and Habitation details and click Go.
  3.       A list is displayed showing the percentage list of each scheme as per each area in AP.
  •       To view Area wise beneficiaries list:
  1.       Select “Area Wise Analysis” from the “Reports” tab.
  2.       A list is displayed showing the percentage list of pensioners in both rural and urban locations.

Finally, govtjobsclub.in ensures to provide all the detailed and updated information to date. Any updates and notifications about pensions YSR Pension Kanuka will be immediately updated on our website so that citizens are not supposed to miss any crucial information.

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