Ration Card Status TS 2023 | Telangana Apply New Ration Card

Ration Card Status TS 2023 | Telangana Apply New Ration Card: All You Want To Know About Ration Card Status TS and FSC Search Telangana or TS Ration Card Application Status Online at epds.telangana.gov.in: Ration card is also called as Food Security Card, ration cards are issued to the families or citizens across all the States of India including Telangana that fall under Below Poverty Line. So, based on the condition of supply and access to food for people in Telangana to avoid hunger because of poverty EPDS TS issues FSC Telangana.

What is EPDS Telangana?

EPDS TS (Electronic Public Distribution System Telangana) is an online application or software. It maintains and operates various identification cards that include ration cards or food security cards (FSC).

What is TS Food Security Card and Different Types of FSC Search / Ration Card Telangana?

Telangana Government EPDS issues TS Food Security Card (FSC) or ration card to the residents of the State based on their eligibility. EPDS TS issues these food security cards to provide several services offered by the Telangana Government to the beneficiaries. There are different types of TS Food security cards that include the White Ration Card and Pink Ration Card based on their income levels. White cards are also termed as D cards and Pink cards are termed as ABC cards.

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How to apply for a new Food Security Card or Ration Card in Telangana?

If you do not have a ration card to date then you can apply for a new Food security card in TS.

6-Simple Steps to get new food security card (FSC  Search ) TS

1)      You should satisfy the terms and conditions of the civil supply services department issuing a ration card in Telangana.

2)      Ensure to keep ready all the required documents such as income certificate, residence certificate or proof of residence, etc.

3) Download the ration card application form and fill the details such as name, address, family members details, income, profession/occupation, etc., appropriately and attach all the proofs & photographs. New Food Security Card Application Form.


4)      Submit your FSC application along with all the required documents to the respective VRO or MRO of your particular Mandal or District in Telangana.

5)      Concerned department processes and verifies your application and notifies the successful applicants about the further procedure.

6)      The successful applicants should provide photographs, IRIS, fingerprints, etc, to get their food security cards.

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How to check the application of Ration Card Status TS?

After successfully applying, it is difficult to know whether you get your TS ration card or not. So, you should always track your application to know the ration card status ts.

Hence, go to the official website of Telangana civil supplied and services department Official Website Here.

Then to check FSC application status through Meeseva No, Application No or Mobile No at bellow link

  • https://epds.telangana.gov.in/FoodSecurityAct/FscApplicationSearch.html?uuidToken=b83019f75a9940698cead8394170b03b

ration card status ts

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FSC Telangana Search through FSC Reference No Ration Card No., Old Ration Card No 

You can search your ration card status ts on the official Telangana government EPDS website. You should provide your details such as FSC Ref No or Ration Card No or Old Ration Card No number (if any) or reference number. Thus, you can know the exact status of the ration card application from the official TS EPDS website. https://epds.telangana.gov.in

  • https://epds.telangana.gov.in/FoodSecurityAct/?wicket:bookmarkablePage=:nic.fsc.foodsecurity.FscSearch

FSC Telangana

There are various statuses which indicates that you will get your FSC in Telangana, these status include accepted, verified, processed and approved. The ration card will be issued to you by the specific ration dealer of the area in which you are residing in Telangana state.

Is your Telangana Ration card rejected? A few reasons for not issuing FSC in Telangana:

You should apply for a ration card after fulfilling all the terms and conditions only. There are various reasons to reject your FSC application, a few reasons for rejecting include:

If you are

  •       Having land property more than the specified limit of government.
  •       Employed in any private sector, public sector, or government organizations.
  •       Running a large scale businesses such as rice mill, oil industry, petroleum station, etc.
  •       Owner of a four-wheeler vehicle then you are not eligible to apply for a ration card.
  •       Receiving a pension from the government and if you don’t satisfy a few other eligibility conditions.

So, ensure yourself to fulfil all the terms & conditions before applying for a ration card in EPDS AP or Telangana. You can read all the eligibility terms from the official website: http://epds.telangana.gov.in/FoodSecurityAct/ and apply in the specified format. Check ration card status ts online status regularly to communicate if your application is rejected without a valid reason. The tracking status of the TS ration card online will help you to get a ration card easily and quickly.

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