Procedure to Check APGLI Policy Details

APGLI: A Social Security Measure for Government employees: The thought of APGLI (Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance) is to ensure security for the AP government employees through life insurance policies. Initially, this scheme is named as “Family Pension Fund” managed by the Nizam’s State of Hyderabad. Later, the scheme came under the management of AP Government and renamed APGLI. Even though there happened changes in the names and management, the motive of the scheme remains the same and that was to enhance the resources of government employees at the time of retirement.

So, moving in this scenario employees should know their policy details, policy status, eligibility, Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance account slips, and APGLI bond. Govt Jobs Blog is the website that is more helpful for the candidates so that they can know all the APGLI related information. With the required and related links, posts, and updated information, our website will be more beneficial too.

APGLI Features

This life insurance scheme of the AP government shows few of the prominent features where every government employee under this scheme must know. Those are

  •   Minimal premium rates
  •    The loan value of almost 90% of surrender value can be availed through bond
  •   This option is also applicable for municipal teachers and employees
  •   Most gratifying bonus rates
  •   APGLI policy bonds will not expire.
  •   As per section 80C, the premium is excused from the income tax.
  •   Candidates who are between the ages period of 21 and 53 can apply for policies.
  •   Sanctioned loans are charged at an interest rate of 9% per every financial year.
  •   Policyholders can receive both the sum assured and bonus money if in the case when policy gets matured.
  •  When there happens the death of the policyholder before the maturity period, their legal inheritors will receive the amount of total sum and bonus.

APGLI bond

At the District Insurance offices, candidates can apply for APGLI policy bond and they can download this bond from the official website of Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance. The download procedure of the policy bond is:

  •  Open the official website of  Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance
  •  Scroll over to the “Policy Bond” tab and click it.
  • On the next page, enter policy number, corresponding suffix, and the displayed number and click on the “Get Policy Bond” button.
  •  Upon clicking the Get Policy Bond button, the bond will be downloaded so that candidates can view their bond details.

Procedure to check APGLI Policy details

  •   Open the of Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance.
  •   On the home page, click the “Policy Details” tab.
  •  On the next page Policy Details enter policy number, date of birth, and displayed number and click on the “View Details” button.
  •  Upon clicking the View Details button, the policy details will be displayed.

Procedure to retrieve APGLI policy number

The online website of Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance also provides the option of retrieving their policy number when candidates provide few details and the procedure for this is:

  •  Open the Official Website
  • On the home page, click the “Policy No. Search” tab.
  •  On the next page (Policy No. Search), enter policyholder name, father’s name, date of birth, and displayed number and click on the “Retrieve Policy No” button.
  •  Upon clicking the Retrieve Policy No button, the policy number along with the policy details will be displayed.
  • Note: Candidates can retrieve their policy numbers only when they provide correct details as per the policy.

You Can Also Check AP Sand Booking

Procedure to check  Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance APGLI Policy Status

  • AP government employees can easily check their policy status easily through Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance official website. The below steps explains the procedure of checking policy status:
  •  Open the  Official Website of the Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance.
  •  On the home page, click the “Status” tab.
  • In the next page Status, enter the policy number, applicant name, financial year, displayed number, and select the type of policy from the section field. After entering the details click the “View” button.
  • Upon clicking the View button, the applied policy status will be displayed.


Along with the policy details, it is even more necessary to maintain annual account slips. Candidates can get their policy slips for each financial year from the time of their policy start. The official website of APGLI provides this option for candidates and the procedure is as below:

  •  Open the official website of the APGLI
  •  On the home page, click the “Annual Account Slip” tab.
  • In the next page Annual Account Slip, select the financial year, enter the policy number and displayed image and click “View Report” button
  •  Upon clicking the View Report button, the apgli account slip for the selected financial year will be displayed.

In the end, this is all the crucial information about APGLI. AP Government policyholders can read out this information and check the corresponding policy data from the official website. will be always in reach for every candidate at any time so that they can check out all the exact and updated data. 

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